Evolution Hair Centers represents the future of natural hair growth treatment in the United States. Since 2002, Evolution has been treating hair loss from an exclusively  natural perspective.

History of Evolution Hair Centers
The History of Evolution Hair Centers

Evolution Hair Centers was founded in 2002 by William Gaunitz due to his own success with this treatment. Gaunitz, who at age 17 began losing his hair, spent the vast majority of his early 20’s studying hair loss in pursuit of controlling his own. After 3 years of research and his own personal success story, Gaunitz brought a treatment to the US that was previously unknown except in parts of Europe and Australia.

In 2002, Gaunitz opened a small 500 sq ft clinic within a successful spa in Phoenix, Arizona. After only 6 months in business, Gaunitz outgrew his first clinic and moved to a 3600 sq ft stand alone facility in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2003 Gaunitz’ operation took flight with tremendous media coverage propelling Evolution Hair Centers to center stage in the 5th largest metropolitan area in the United States.

By 2006, Evolution Hair Centers' single location in Scottsdale, Arizona was taking in 2-3 new clients per day and had successfully treated over 2000 people. Gaunitz had created the largest single laser hair regeneration facility in less than 4 years by creating a model that boasts an unparalleled success rate and 5 star customer service.

In 2008, Evolution Hair Centers' first franchise was opened by Erik Borchardt, who had gone through the Evolution Hair Centers program with amazing success. In early 2009, Evolution opened its second franchise in Southampton, New York followed by another in the Los Angeles Area.

Currently, Evolution continues to expand by marketing around the United States in pursuit of stopping the growing epidemic of women's hair loss.

The Goal

Evolution Hair Centers’ Mission is to stop female pattern hair loss for those who are willing to make changes to their lifestyle and follow our healthful process. Every aspect of the Evolution Program is designed for the long term success of your hair growth. From the highest quality hair regrowth products to the latest personalized training by the staff, the Evolution Hair Centers’ provides with all of the tools needed for maximum hair growth success now and into the future.                     

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